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Great Beer Bottles was established after years of dreaming about sharing my love for Belgian Beer. Spending a long weekend in the Beautiful City of Bruges, Belgium, every year with a group of friends, I fell in love with the hundreds of Bottle Shops and Beer Cafes. Each selling a countless number of different beers, all with their own atmosphere, decor and feel.


Having such a large choice of beers meant you could try something totally different each and every visit and still not work your way through the endless menus! I wanted to share this vast array of beers with as many beer lovers as I could, and what better way of doing this than making as many as possible, as accessible as a new pair of trainers. If you’re reading this, then you probably already have a love for Belgian and/or other European Beers. If you don’t, then welcome to the door to the World's best beers, it’s something you’ll love exploring for the rest of your life.

Beer Maker

Our love for beer doesn’t stop with Belgians, or indeed, Bottles! We’re huge fans of the unstoppable growth of Craft Beers. Like the Belgians, we want to have as many of these on our shelves as possible. We want to offer as many of the incredible, independent breweries as we can, so if you’re reading this as a brewery and we don’t already stock you – please do get in touch!

Although only a young online Beer Shop, our stocklist is only going to continue to grow. Our aim is to have as many beers as we can from all over the World, we want to make it easy for you to try them all. We want to try them all too, so if you know of any that you love and think others will too, please let us know and we will endeavour to get it on our shelves.

Along with wanting our selection to be as big and diverse as possible, we want our buying experience to be just as joyful as the first sip of that beer you’ve been waiting to try again for so long. If you have any difficulties or suggestions to help with this, please drop us a line on the contact us page and we will do all we can to fix any issues or add better ways of doing things as soon as possible.

Craig Black

Managing Director & Beer Lover

Beer Bottle Cap Collection
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